Name of Department :Geology

1) Course Conducted
:M.Sc. Geology

2) Training hours (Weekly) (For each course separately except Ph.D.)

a)Practical Hours
b)Theory Hours
c)Seminar Hours
d)Assignment Hours
e)Tests Hours
f)Others Hours
:02 (Swachata Abhiyan)

3) Eligibility Criteria (Separate for each Course)

:M. Sc. Geology
:Pass in B.Sc. with Geology as one of the subject.
iii.Duration of Course
iv.Minimum Age
v.Maximum Age
vi.Entrance Test if any conducted by
vii.Eligibility for test, Other details
viii.Fees for Entrance Exam
4) Details of Teaching faculty
Sr.No. Name Education Qualification Teaching Experience
1. Dr. SFR Khadri M.Sc. Ph.D.(IIT, Mumbai) 30 yrs
2. Dr. A.K. Shrivastava M.Sc. Ph.D. 27 yrs
3. Dr. A.K. Shrivastava M.Sc.NET 18 yrs
4. Dr. Y. K. Mawale M.Sc., Ph.D. , PGDEM 14 yrs
5)Department Infrastructure
: Class Rooms-2,Petrology Lab,Sedimentology Lab,Environmental Geology lab,Hydro-geochemistry Lab,Computer lab,Petro chemistry Lab,Palaeomagnetic lab,Museum of Rocks, Minerals and Fossils,Open Museum for collected Field Samples,Geological Workshop,etc.
6) Industrial training provided, if any (If Yes, Name of Companies)
:Yes, first year program includes geological field mapping tour at nearby geologically well exposed and deformed area having verity of minerals and rocks to understand the Structural control, Stratigraphy, Geomorphology and Physical geology of the area. After completion of first year examination and during summer vacation, Student shall be undergone geological field training at different well known geological organisations like GSI, AMD, WCL, ONGC, MOIL, etc., mines like Malanjkhand Copper mine, Coal mines of Umrer, Kanhan, Chandrapur, Wani, Magnese mine Mansar, Ukwa, Bharweli, mineral processing Industries or research laboratories like RRSAC, MRSAC, IBM, GSDA etc. Second year program includes Long field educational tour for 15-17 days to visit various geological organisation, mines, mineral processing industries, well known geologically exposed formations, geological museum at various Universities and research laboratories.
Publish On Date :- 27.04.2019