Name of Department :Home Science

1) Course Conducted
:i)M.Sc. Home Science(Communication and Extension)
:ii) M.Sc. Home Science (Resource Management)
iii)M.Sc. Home Science (Food Science and Nutrition)
Syllabus M.Sc. (Home Science) (Communication and Extension)
1.Community Organisation and Development Theories
2.Sustainable Development Initiatives & Approaches
3.Human Learning Psychology
4.Programme Design and Evaluation
5.Computer Application in Communication and Extension Statistics
1.Extension Education System
2.Training Methodology
3.Communication Approaches in Extension
4.Entrepreneurship Development in Communication
5. Research Methods in Communication and Extension
1.Development Project Management
2. IEC Material Production
Elective I
• Management of Non-Government Organisation
• Writing for Media
• Curriculum Planning and Development
Elective II
• Management of Human Service Organisation
• Media Planning and Social Advertising
• Curriculum Text Production
Elective III
• Community Health and Hygiene Education
• Media Research and Evaluationg
• Evaluation of Curriculum and Text
1.Writing, Editing and Reporting for Mass Communication
2.Current Trends and Issues in Extension and Communication
3.Scientific Writing
4.Dissertation Report, Viva, Seminar
Syllabus M.Sc. (Home Science) (Resource Management)
1. Human Resource Management
2. Principles of Management
3. Human Behaviour in Resource Management
4. Resource Development Programme Design and Evaluation
5. Computer Application in Resource Statistics
1.Residential Furnishing and House Keeping
2. Household Technology
3. Communication Approaches in Resource Management
4. Entrepreneurship Development
5. Research Methods in Resource Management
2.Financial Management
Elective I
• Home Event Management
• Home Furnishing
• Front Office Operation and Accommodation
Elective II
• Community Event Management
• Household Equipment
• Food Service Management
Elective III
• Institutional Event Management
• Housekeeping and Facility Management
• ravel Management
1.Resource Informatics
2.Current Issues and Trends in Resource Management
3.Scientific Writing
4.Dissertations, Viva, Seminar
Syllabus M.Sc. Home Science (Food Science and Nutrition)
1.Food Science
2.Human Physiology
3. Food and Human Behaviour
4. Nutrition Programme Design and Evaluation
5. Computer Application in Food Statistics
1.Food Microbiology
2.Nutrition Biochemistry
3. Communication Approaches in Nutrition
4. Entrepreneurship Development in Food
5. Research Methods in Nutrition
1.Food Product Development
2.Sensory Evaluation
Elective I
• Therapeutic Nutrition
• Assessment of Nutritional Status
• Kitchen planning equipment & plans
Elective II
• Biochemical Correlation with Nutritional Therapy
• Nutritional Epidemiology
• Food Safety and Quality Control
Elective III
• Dietetics Techniques and Patient Counselling
• Community Nutrition
• Food Service Management
1.Food Informatics
2.Current Issues in Food & Nutrition
3.Scientific Writing
4.Dissertation Report, Viva, Seminar

2) Training hours (Weekly) (For each course separately except Ph.D.)

a)Practical Hours
Odd Sem-114     Even Sem-78
b)Theory Hours
Odd Sem-72     Even sem-72
c)Seminar Hours
Odd Sem-04     Even Sem-04
d)Assignment Hours
Odd Sem-07     Even Sem-08
e)Tests Hours
Odd Sem-07     Even Sem-08
f)Others Hours
Odd Sem-04     Even Sem-04

3) Eligibility Criteria (Separate for each Course)

Course Intake Eligibility Duration of Course
M.Sc. Home Science(Food Science Nutrition) 16
  1. B.Sc. Home Science
  2. B.Sc.Food Science
  3. B.Sc.with Biochemistry
  4. B.Sc. Agri Biotechnology
  5. B Tech in:
  6. Food Technology
  7. Hotel Management
  8. Catering Technology
  9. Bachelor of Medicine
  10. Bachelor of Nursing
2 yrs
M.Sc. Home Science(Communication Extension) 10
  1. BSc Home Science
  2. BSc Agriculture(Extension)
2 yrs
M.Sc. Home Science(Resource Management) 10
  1. B.Sc. Home Science
  2. B.B.A
  3. B .Com
  4. B Tech in:
  5. Hotel Management& Catering Technology
  6. Interior Designing
2 yrs
iv.Minimum Age
v.Maximum Age
vi.Entrance Test if any conducted by
vii.Eligibility for test, Other details
viii.Fees for Entrance Exam
4) Details of Teaching faculty
Sr.No. Name Education Qualification Teaching Experience
1. Dr. M. P. Kale M.Sc. MPhil PhD 28 yrs
2. Dr. V .P. Dhanvijay M.Sc.NET,Diploma in Dietetics 16 yrs
3. Dr. A. S. Deshmukh M.Sc. MPhil PhD 11 yrs
4. D.r S. V. Deshmukh M.Sc. MPhil PhD,MEd 11 yrs
5)Department Infrastructure
5.1)Classrooms -06
5.1)Classrooms -05
:Food Science Laboratory,Biochemistry Laboratory,Computer Laboratory,Audio Visual Laboratory,Resource Management Laboratory,Residential Stay,etc
5.3)Departmental Library
6)Industrial training provided, if any (If Yes, Name of Companies)
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